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COUNTY SYMBOL MEANING: White horse on blue shield with yellow chevron The language of the county name is from Viking and is from 2 words (Svinn meaning Swift and Reid meaning Riding = Swift Riders) The blue shield stands for loyalty and yellow chevron means generous in battle. We ride for the people, lands, and king we protect with all we can muster.

GOALS OF COUNTY: First to be unwavering in loyalty and generosity to the ruling dutchess and king of the land. This area will be focused on providing cavaliers and mounted scouts for battle, contracts, and be focused on being elite mounted players in Aranor for the pride of our country. We will also setup a messenger service for special deliveries for all manner of items for a fair fee to the riders. Items requiring delivery from towns, outposts, battlefields, nobility, and commoners all will be handled swift and professionally in the rider service. Beyond the horsepower of the county, trade will be diverse, religion is open, hero and adventurers are most welcome. This will be a county for many people and lots to do.

LORE: THUNDER OF HOOVES BEATING IN THE HEART As Elyria was divinely created, so were its living beings. As legends pass down in the area go, The great God of Life and Death rides a steed of Black who gave of its blood while evil beings strive in vain to become immortal or unnaturally stretch their lifespan on the world. The blood of the God’s horse touch all the land in these fields and streams and gave rise to the best conditioned and noblest of mounts.

As men and women worked with horse, they found a higher purpose as if the reaping of evil and unnatural beings and events extended beyond the spirit realm to permanently stamp a legacy on those who dwell here. This domain almost seems as if meant to be a bastion of hope in the world to stand against darkness and shine hope and strength mixed between Thundering hooves and unwavering hearts and swords of the men and women who ride here.

HOW TO JOIN: You may find the Count under forum name Dasher Volare. If you have not already purchased the game, you may use the count’s friend code of: 7F971D or just send a forum message to him. We want all kinds of players. If you have lots of friends you want to bring in, come on in.

Anyone is welcome in the county. We want a place of wealth, variety, and activity to grow and expand. Cultivate a place where everyone can enjoy.