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Duties and Practices

The main goal of the Royal Office of Diplomatic Relations is to create and develop relationships with foreign kingdoms. We aim to allow for quick and easy communication between other kingdoms, and to keep relations both positive and productive. We also act as the transcribers for the Kingdom of Aranor. We publish any kingdom news or announcements.


Diplomatic Security Service

The Diplomatic Security Service is a security team designed to protect diplomats and high level government officials while engaging in foreign affairs. This security service is offered to officials of all parties, as a way to reduce resource costs for visiting kingdoms.

Royal Aranor Publishing House

The Royal Aranor Publishing House is an organization that focuses on writing, editing and publishing kingdom announcements and news articles.

Foreign Affairs Committee

The Foreign Affairs Committee is a group of individuals who go out to foreign kingdoms to either deliver a message from Aranor’s government, negotiate, or discuss opportunities with leaders. This committee is comprised of well spoken and intelligent people who have strong people skills. There is no form of command structure in this group, though certain members will have greater responsibilities than others.