Royal Chancellery of Education

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Administered by High Chancellor Albrecht von Zoidberg

Duties and practices

The first duty of the chancellery (RCE) is to oversee the kingdom’s system of education. Its approach to this is relatively hands off as education happens in a local area or region and counties and duchies will be creating their own systems of education. The RCE’s role is to fill in gaps in education and provide support to education systems when needed. Among its goals for education is to create schools and universities where needed so that populated areas are within a reasonable distance of education and assist in troubleshooting for schools with difficulties. Additionally it looks at skills, services, and industries needed by the kingdom and promotes these needs as curricula and devises standards of education that can be tested and certified.

A special concern the RCE is needed professions that may have few practitioners. One area in particular is physicians and healers to see to the health needs of the kingdom. To develop this area the RCE will be looking to support the establishment of medical academies to train doctors for towns throughout the kingdom and to act as centers of research into the body and its diseases and to be ready to respond to outbreaks of health crises. As other less common skill areas of need are identified academies for them will be established as well. There is also the question of educational scholarships and grants. Programs to fund introductory education as well as the education of military personnel and veterans are under consideration. The extent of these programs will be dependent on funding from the kingdom’s treasury, and may change as the kingdom’s funding priorities change.

With a system in place to create an educated populace, the RCE will look to promote the creation of many forms of research programs. Those that demonstrate ability and set up research agreements with the RCE can receive resources and other forms of assistance toward their programs. Among its other duties are the creation and maintenance of libraries and other stores of information and the recording and archiving of events and history.


While the High Chancellor is focused on working with schools and maintaining educational institutions, there are other areas of the chancellery that have need of leaders to make knowledge and discovery flow throughout the kingdom. Anyone with an interest should contact the High Chancellor in the Aranor discord.

Department of Procurement

This area reports on the state of educational infrastructure so that the High Chancellor can bring needed improvements and construction to the attention of the Grand Builder. It also gathers or imports any needed educational or research materials. This could be anything from paper and ink to exotic plants, animals, or minerals.

Department of Archives

This area submits records for safekeeping in libraries and archives and maintains their organization. It may also assist in the creation of learning texts. Additionally the creation of records of game history and myth and of records of the histories and events of kingdoms and major world events and the maintaining of these records would fall to this department. Notes of important meetings or events in Aranor may also be kept. Much of this information may end up on the kingdom’s website in the form of background information or FAQ pages and will play an important role in helping our members understand the game’s world and how to play or do things in it.

Department of Research Coordination

This area is primarily concerned with reaching out to research programs to fulfill their needs and exchange information. This department may assist the High Chancellor with various research questions.

Community Reporting

Aranor Teacher Exchange

Beyond the RCE itself there will be a need for teachers for the schools and universities of Aranor. The RCE will be creating a registry on the Aranor website of those looking for jobs in this area that can travel to needed positions.

Aranor Census Corps

To run the kingdom effectively information is needed about all parts of the kingdom. For the RCE its information about where schools are and how they are being run. For others it is economic information, and for others it may be population and resource information. For those that want to make some money and travel, the Aranor Census Corps allows people to take jobs collecting this information and reporting it back to the RCE or other clients. Even surveyors and explorers may be hired if needed to explore on behalf of the kingdom.