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Headed by [Vacant]

The Royal Aranolt Army serves as the land-based defense command of the Kingdom of Aranor, however, such duties are not unlike those of any military. In that sense, the Army of Aranor is no different in purpose than that of another kingdom, but there exist many differentiating characteristics of the Royal Aranolt Army in particular that set it apart decisively from other armed organizations. The Army prides itself on its service to the people of Aranor, providing opportunity to droves by employing them, and working hand-in-hand with law enforcement to keep Aranor a safe and just kingdom. The Army also prides itself on its carefully crafted organization and skillfully selected officers, all the while providing opportunity for growth and success for skilled soldiers, leaders, scientists, and engineers.

Command Structure

In the name of both efficient operation as well as unquestioned successions of command, the military has devised a relatively simple but nevertheless effective system of military management. At the top, able to give orders to any and all military members is the Queen herself, Ieana Kallar, lying just below is the Grand General with the same authority bar overriding decisions made by the Queen herself. Below the Grand General, each department has their own command structure, with each commander reporting to the Grand General. In the case of the Line Combat Arm, regular military ranks apply, whereas for other groups each department commander has particular jurisdiction over organization. At the end of the day, though, combat officers give orders to combat troops, and not to researchers, logisticians, MPs, or any other non-combat branch. Likewise departmental officers have no direct authority over other sections unless exceptions are made by the Grand Marshal or Queen.

The military prides itself heavily on the meritocracy of command that allows for qualified soldiers to advance directly into the officership of their respective branches, thereby promoting competition, valor, and ability in the army. Nevertheless, even lower-ranked officers are expected to be intelligent, and possess real-time decision-making abilities that allow for the ability to make split-second choices whilst still adhering to the directives of higher ranks. Those that ascend to officership are therefore trained heavily and already some of the brightest of the Army, and hold their positions with pride.

Job Opportunities

Line Combat Arm

As expected, above all else an army always needs new soldiers! In addition to accommodations of living, as well as payment, the troops of the Royal Aranolt Army hold the honour of being the only members of the kingdom to don the colours of the kingdom in battle, such a job is certainly one with true glory just in reach! Within the Line Combat Arm lie some of the most elite units of the realm, ones that, with enough proficiency, any brave soldier can ascend to.

Department of Logistics

Following the spirit of the army being open to all, those who are strategically, mathematically, or logistically inclined find themselves right at home in the department of logistics, the unsung heroes of the battle, logisticians find themselves setting up, organizing, and overseeing supply lines that keep a field army connected to resources. An immeasurably important task, members of the DoL are among the most respected in the military.

Military Police & Military Law

As with the mathematicians, those with a strong disposition towards candor and justice would find themselves at home among the Military Police or the prosecutorial systems. Similarly to the department of logistics, the MPs and lawyers of the army are unsung heroes, but heroes nevertheless, protecting the army from the blights of corruption, espionage, and malpractice.

Be you a young farmhand or a well-to-do merchant, there is always honour, glory, and status to be gained from joining the shield that protects the denizens of Aranor from threats inside and out, near and far, so what are you waiting for? Join today and help us work towards a stronger, safer, and more prosperous Aranor!