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County of Kappaland
The Swole Patrol
Jarl: Dazzerix Dawnbreaker

What is this odd place?

Kappaland is the home of the Kappa, we're weird. We have an odd fixation on breeding things, and digging holes.


If the above didn't already explain it, this will expand on it. We're born of memes, and forged in stupidity. A loose collection of degenerates from a wide array of games and gaming groups coming together to spread memes, breed things, dig holes, and overall cause everyone to shake their head in embarassment that we even exist.


We require hunters, breeders, farmers, smiths, miners, overall, anything related to either the industry of breeding things, or of mining. If we end up in coastal Brudvir lands we'll also need wood workers so we can construct the Kappa shipyard.

Master Kappa

Kaptain Swole

The leader of the Swole Patrol, a band of true degenerates who act as the core of Kappaland's society. They were the ones who named this county what it is, and they are who make it what it is. They're gonna work out, get swole, breed fine beasts, and learn to ride them. The Swole Patrol shall one day be known throughout Aranor as its most elite shock cavalry, or my Kaptain will feel ashamed.

Mayor Duncan Pryde

Bobt3hWizard #7592

Mayor Heisca Trigg

Heisca Trigg #1159

Contact Info

  • In-game character: Dazzerix Dawnbreaker
  • Discord tag: Dazzerix #7495