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Motto: Rotay lo Koltnorn ro Aranor
Crest of the House of Kallar
Server: NA-W, Angelica
Monarch: Queen Ieana Kallar
Region: Northern Kingdom
Royal Duchy: Duchy of Maloria
Capital: The City of Enarvie

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High in the mountains of Aranor old warrior clans used to battle over every scrap of land, every resource, and every source of honor. Of these clans there was Rysharya, claiming home on the highest slopes of the tallest mountains. It's Kolt, it's leader, Tarbor Kallar was a legendary warrior who had often dueled other clan leaders to keep his people safe from war.



All Counties

Aeura: Antony Lockhart Citrullus: Lanatus County of Coventry: Albrecht von Zoidberg
Darean: Thea Himmelschlesser Hammerbornn: Sheabutter Svinnreid: Dasher Volare
Thro’Ghal: Jekup Mórovíg Makao: Hazen Lo Oakwall: Aramil Foxherd
Hollowbury: Gregarious Kuma Wolfenland: Vaako Wainswey: Mysi Karuna
TBA: Noxidius Victrove TBA: Zyraxes Thurin Kappaland: Dazzerix Dawnbreaker
TBA: Lyreic Castillon

Notable Settlements

Cities & Towns
City of Icetide: ThePandaDK Crimson Hallow: Nikki Aurion Ashenhold: Sarothis Valanus
City of Dax: Eucretius Daxis Fort Moonwall: Hyler Himmelschlesser O’kintük: Aurabella Dawnkhaelis
Fort Sungate: Dynn Himmelschlesser Gratisca: Bertucio Van’ir New Belonia: Belias Himmelschlesser
Port Rubri: Darian Hare Port Silvermast: Landion Landirion Benetnash Bastion: Fflewddur Fflam
Borealis Keep: Duncan Pryde Kastle Swolefenstein: Dazzerix Dawnbreaker TBA: Ari Bjarki
TBA: Robin Kallar TBA: Zander Kendryek TBA: Robert Bronson



High Council