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Duchy of Evertide
Capital of Revenant
Region: Southwest Coast
Duke/Duchess: Raindew Aèternà

Evertide is a duchy on the southwest coast of Aranor. Entertainment, festivals, and adventuring are among it's focuses. Technological expansion is also another one of it's long-term goals.


The home of Aranor's greatest wonders and challenges. We are inviting you, be you adventurer, farmer, noble, or merchant, to come and delve into the endless labyrinths and dungeons, wander the everlasting gardens, or compete in the games hosted by the grand Duchess Raindew in the capital city of Revenant.

All are welcome to take a break from their responsibilities and obligations, be it to their people and cities, or to their storefronts and guildmasters. Evertide aims to create a place of relaxation, new experiences, and challenges for all its guests.


Adventurers! We extend this invitation especially to you! Do you seek glory and fame? Wealth? Excitement? Great challenges await you in the capital city of Revenant. Take on our man-made dungeons, test your strength, vigor and cunning against the creatures and puzzles that lurk within. Practice your skills, test your teamwork, and hone your abilities so that you can claim the rewards at the end of each trial. Furthermore, The Grand Colosseum, home of the greatest warriors in Elyria, will also be open to anyone who wishes to compete. Champions will also be invited from arenas around the world to compete once a month in the Grand Colosseum for fame, honor, wealth, and the title of Champion of Elyria!


If your gambler’s luck at the colosseum runs dry, if you find yourself with little coin but alot of determination, Evertide will also be home to the Adventurer’s guild, where players (and maybe even NPCs) can post quests from around the nation. Everything from the most difficult jobs hunting monstrosities, digging through lost ruins, or chasing renegades and thieves will be posted at the guild with bounties for proof of completion, be it their weapon, horn, or hidden artifact.


Witness the Wonders of the World within each major city of Evertide As a destination for the elite of all Elyria, cities within the duchy are held to the strongest expectations of grace and beauty. Our architecture will be pleasant to the eye and a cultural focal point, with incentives given to create a lasting theme. A large garden with a hedge-maze and exotic species of plants from around the world is planned to be created in the capital, as a long-term goal. Come, witness and be amazed by our menageries of magnificent beasts and flora seen only by the most far-reaching explorers.


There will be many competitions, events, and festivals sanctioned by the duchess, in skills such as archery, horsemanship, speed smithing and even cosplay competitions! These events will take place occasionally throughout the year, with announcements for them being made on the forums and by other means when the game launches. Citizens and guests will also have the option of voting for the next event or competition or festival!

Citizens of Evertide

Capital of Revenant

If you wish to become a citizen of Evertide in one of its many counties, have no fear, for we did not neglect you in our plans. We need craftsmen of every trade, innkeepers, cooks, architects, bards, farmers and merchants!


Evertide will be the architect’s dream. Create traps, dungeons and mazes, or work with the local count and make the city the canvas for your art. As the focus of the duchy will be on public work projects and entertainment sites, you will never be out of work! Because of the large-scale construction projects requiring a large amount of designers, there will even be guilds for you to join and improve with.


With the focus on PvP and dungeon crawling, the need for blacksmiths of superior grade will ensure that your shops will flourish with customers from all walks of life, of every nation imaginable.


With the high demand for savage beasts, quality breeders will be preferable to capturing specimen. By breeding the best and the strongest, Revenant’s colosseum will always retell the story of man-against-beast. We can assure you that the state will pay a good price for your stock, do not limit yourselves to the mundane horses and Trison, but rather tame and conquer the exotic beasts and create the next generation of fierce opponents for our gladiator teams.


For not all beasts can be domesticated, a few brave souls will be needed to go out and find the most legendary creatures to bring back to the duchy. Large sums will be paid to those who can return from lost corners of the world with new specimen of plants and animals for examination.


What good is spectacle without music? In the courts or in the inns, music is always appreciated. As a tourist destination, you will always find an audience to listen to your performance. Here, in Evertide, will you find inspiration for your songs.

Innkeepers and Merchants

A land striving to draw denizens of all nations also creates, without saying, a large demand for inns and shops to sustain the travelers. With all the reasons to visit Evertide, the reasons to stay are even stronger. Business will never be scarce in Evertide, and the motive behind drawing travelers is, partially, to add money to your pockets.


Yes, we are indeed targeting cooking as one of the pinnacle occupations in our citizenry. As you know, food in Elyria will be able to be advanced like all other technologies. We hope to be the forefront in unique foods and drinks, and as such, there will always be a place for curious and masterful culinary professionals.

Research and schools

Evertide will strive to be at the forefront of technology, and as such is constantly researching new products and technologies. As the center of knowledge in Aranor, we hope to provide a rich environment for the scholarly and bardic arts. Research into new trade goods such as culinary dishes, new weapon or armor designs, potions, alchemy and magic will be encouraged


The duchy will be administered by several councils in cooperation with the duchess. The first council will be made of counts and be a factor in creating laws, settling disputes and setting taxes. The second council, the council of Barons, will help settle matters regarding security, invasion, military and commerce. The third council, the council of advisors, will propose laws and other actions in certain areas based on their area of expertise. More councils will be created as needed for the smooth functioning of the duchy.

Initial Plans

Upon launch, these projects will take priority on the duchy’s agenda:

  1. The development of crucial infrastructure to support the economy.
  2. Making contracts with various production people in order to guarantee a steady supply of goods and skilled workers.
  3. Create infrastructure to support movement of said goods. (Waterways and roads)
  4. Begin developing the buildings and tourist destinations needed for events (Colosseum, labyrinths and dungeons)
  5. Establish a unique culture and economy to attract people.
  6. Research unique products and drinks that belong only to this duchy
  7. Establish training dungeons to appeal to trainee explorers and adventurers
  8. Establish a security task force in order to protect royal visitors, merchants and tourists.

Contact Info


  • In-game character: Raindew Aèternà
  • Discord tag: Goldenlight#8645