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General Info

Server: Angelica(NA-W) Kingdom: Aranor :Aranor: Duchy: Dawnmire :Dawnmire: Tribe: Hrothi/Brudvir

Duchy Focus

  • Security & Law Enforcement
  • PvP
  • PvE


The Counts and Countesses of Dawnmire will be given lenient autonomy to govern how they wish with the mindset of one rule, don't be a dick. Don't abuse your title and the people pledged under you. This is a community of gamers, not a platform for a powertrip.

All are welcome.

In truth, Dawnmire need not have existed; it simply was that it wanted to exist. With singular purpose, the Franconians demanded their place amongst the powerful factions of Elyria, and so they rose. -Unknown Elyrian Archivist

How to reach us

Forum post updated https://www.chroniclesofelyria.com/forum/topic/30012/duchy-of-dawnmire