City of Icetide

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Home of the Ice Bloodline

Welcome to the city of Icetide in the duchy of Evertide.

Why should you join Icetide? Icetide will focus on you! I'm here for my people and to help you aspire your goals or dreams! I will throw all my EP into infrastructer and food production. My advisers will be people selected (If i find somebody fit to the position let's say military adviser i can appoint them with no need for a vote.), so everybody in the city gets to vote on who will be their voice in my ear. But i believe in that we need a strong voice and plan to make sure we get the best out of the city and expand in the right way. I will listen to any suggestion or trouble u have and make a decision for the greater good of the city.

Icetide Lore

For years our town was plagued by floods from the mountain ranges. A new family arrives in town, and like many others before them tries to set off on finding a way to stop the floods.

Their journey lasts a while, and for a while they didn’t find anything of note. A pool, spring or some other water source is found. Creatures here are happy, rubbing wings, chirping loudly, drinking from the water. Later on, it would become a pilgrimage for the younger people of Icetide.

The water didn’t ripple when you put your hand thru it, didn’t reflect a perfect image of yourself. The water homed a spirit and after time, gifted your bloodline the ice quality and told you why the floods happened.

To cleanse the waste of the town away, the creatures here would summon great waters in the high mountains, it surged its way down, cleansing the lands it went though. Your town prides itself on its wine, but also keeps itself clean, tidy and tries to waste little resources.

The town, in paying homage to your great feat of stopping the floods, grants you ruler of its land, and sees your family as its true leader. You respect the wildlife, kill only what you need, produce what you need, and fairly share the extra produce to those around you. In doing this your people pay respect to the water spirits that live somewhere in the mountains.

Because while the water is still there, the spirits have never been seen again. But nor have floods plagued your city It is believed that the ice that runs thru your blood from the water spirit, also freezes the waters that collects in the ranges of the mountains. (Thanks to GayKiwi for the awesome suggestion! )

Ambitions & Goals

One of my ambitions is to be the center of vine and ale in the kingdom. One of my main goals is you! it's simple you aint happy, then i aint happy either. Have a community run city (Mostly)