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Hail, traveler! As Count of Aeura, I, Antony Lockhart, welcome you to Elyria. I am certain you will find a home to suit you, and perhaps I may even convince you that your new residence is closer than you think. This document details every aspect of Aeura, as it is my goal to leave no questions unanswered. Thank you for reading, and welcome once again to such a marvelous land.

The County of Aeura is a County within the Feudal Monarchy of Aranor, which can be joined or contacted here. Its capital and largest city is Deira, which remains the Noble House Lockhart's seat of power. The county itself has grown substantially over the years, though its Ruling House has shifted many times.


Aeura's early history is vague as proper documentation does not exist. However, even the most uninformed citizen knows that her history is ancient. The ruins of some long-forgotten settlement were discovered many centuries ago, and over time the area was resettled, eventually receiving the name Deira.

As the settlement grew, it became a bustling farming town. Over merely two generations this grew into a minor trade hub for the surrounding settlements due to its central location. Shortly thereafter, it was recognized and inducted into Aranor, the now-ruling Kingdom of the land.

The County of Aeura itself has been a subject of Aranor since its conception, though it has changed power many times over the years. Most recently, it has been ruled over by Houses Lorne and Iverius, and is now held by House Lockhart.


The English word Aeura is derived from Aurea, meaning "Peace" in a now defunct Owem dialect dating back roughly four-hundred years. The county itself took the name roughly one-hundred years ago, upon transitioning in power to House Lockhart. The standard demonym used by all citizens of Aranor is Aranolt, though the citizens of Aeura are commonly referred to as Aeuri, which represents both the singular and plural usage of the term.


Aeura has a strong focus on trade and the arts, and as such its location is centralized in the Kingdom, and it boasts both wide plains and fertile grasslands. More information in this regard will be gathered soon, upon Domain Selection.


The people of Aeura are best known for their craftsmanship and trade. Boasting a diverse community of races, Aeura is one of the few counties to include immigration incentives in the way of trade, guild, and artistic subsidies. Its largest city is Deira, which is also the County Seat.


Deira is the Seat of Aeura. The city has been developed over the past generation to centralize on tradecraft. The city itself is old as stone, having been discovered centuries ago by explorers. The settlement borne from their discovery was named Deira, after the discoverer, Ephimos Deirus. Today, Deira is a trade city by nature, though it boasts a love of the arts, prioritizing culture and societal progress.


As you already know, Aeura is a vassal to the Kingdom of Aranor. As such a majority of the governmental procedures are delegated to the Duke and Monarch. However, the Count oversees most of the daily goings-on of Aeura personally. To aid in this, each city within Aeura houses a subsection of The Rangers of Aeura, a micro-militant group designed to keep the peace. In addition, each city is granted a Sheriff to act as the city's first level of law and order. As every County does, Aeura also includes a Castellan, as well as a small council of minor nobles.


The County can boast about its culture and arts as much as it likes, but none of that matters without a proper military, no? Crown Levies aside, Aeura has a strong centralized guard for each city, headed by a Captain of the Watch. In addition, The Rangers of Aeura are present to provide vigilance in the county; their main task to ensure the safety of all roads leading through the county, and to manage disputes, threats, or disasters with an efficient and necessary response.


Aeura is a growing county, and progress is expensive. Luckily, the trade-centric county uses government subsidies to encourage the arts and trade, providing ample economic opportunities for individuals within the county. Aeura's treasury is predominantly filled through farming and state-sanctioned art sales, designed to both bring in new patrons to the arts, and preserve the economic stability of the county.


Aeura has a strong focus on culture. From the shrillest of music to the most vibrant works of art, the county is and has been deeply rooted in culture for quite some time. The people of Aeura are outgoing and creative, providing a community for artists and merchants alike.


Though science is not a field Aeura is known for, the County subsidizes medical workers, in addition to providing a program which rewards those who push their scientific fields further through invention, research, or discovery. More information can be gathered in person, as the details of this program are not yet available due to lack of information.

The Arts

The County of Aeura is perhaps best known for its love of the real. Paintings, sculptures, and beautiful architecture litter the county, and musicians are seen with nearly every instrument conceivable. The Count will often commission various artists for works to be displayed throughout the cities of Aeura, and the County Seat is often used as a concert hall. The county subsidizes artists who tutor or mentor others, and provides state-funded programs for those wishing to hone their talents.

This is, of course, not limited to visual or performance arts, as these programs are truly designed for the crafts. From the most elegant woodwork, to the sturdiest stonemasonry, to the finest steel, Aeura ensures those who are willing to learn always have someone willing to teach them.


Craftsmanship and artistic talent are worthless financially if one cannot sell their creations. The state offers auction houses and organized sales of arts and crafts alike. Those who wish for a more direct route may sell their works to the County itself, which will then ensure they are either displayed proudly or sold for the appropriate price. In addition to this, merchants who bring money into Aeura through the purchase of these products are granted Patron Status, and will be given discounted taxation on commercial properties within the Aeurian domain.


Aeura is truly a County for all. Though we place our greatest efforts in maintaining culture and prosperity, the county is always hard at work to ensure everyone, regardless of profession, has the tools required to succeed. We maintain extensive trade connections and ensure the safety of all travelers within our land. Be it adventure, trade, or just a quiet life on the plains, we hope to provide for all walks of life. We proudly welcome you to Elyria, and hope you will visit us once again.