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Evertide Adventurer’s Guild Founded in the year XX.XX.XXXX

Duchess Aeterna

Aeterna Enterprises

Castle Aeterna

Revenant, ET 00001


Welcome to the adventurers guild!

What this guild seeks to do is to unify all the requests in an average town and provide a place for people looking to give and receive requests a place to do so in. In addition to these services, the adventurers guild would partner with local explorers guilds to sound out these requests. Perhaps the layout or terrain would be different from what an adventurer would expect or the batch of rare herbs were not growing in that location. The adventurers guild would also buy local materials and herbs to promote the local industry. The adventurers guild would also issue out requests to clear out the surrounding areas perhaps on the behest of local mayors. In addition if you are looking for rare materials and are worried about your request going unanswered, the adventurers guild would partner with local merchant groups to get you what you are looking for!


The goal of the adventurer’s guild is to make it easy for both quest givers and adventurers get tasks done. Quest givers would have their tasks fulfilled in a timely manner and be done by a reputable individual. The adventurer would be able to have a central location for quests and receive the reward for a job well done. Minimize the chances of either adventurers or clients being scammed, killed or taking on more than they can handle. Provide a place for merchants and adventurers to buy and sell large stocks of items.



  1. Quest Categories
    1. Informal
      1. Informal requests will be open to all adventurers of that rank and typically do not have additiona restrictions or penalties for its acceptance or failure. These quests will have lower rewards.
    2. Formal
      1. Formal quests will have contracts associated with them with harsher restrictions on adventurers who can take the quest and the timeframe to do them. Additionally there is a bigger penalty for failure. However generally these quests will have a higher reward than Informal type quests.
    3. Secret
      1. Secret quests will be quests that are not openly listed on the display board and are instead sent to certain members who are able to fulfill the quest. These quests should have the highest rewards and restrictions with the appropriate fee to the guild.
  2. Quest Types
    1. Exploration missions
    2. Gathering missions
    3. Escort missions
    4. Combat missions
    5. Other missions
  3. Penalty for failing to complete quests
    1. Tentatively the normal penalty will be being fined the amount of reward a person would get for completing a quest. The range of penalty will depend on the category and type of quest.
    2. Additionally the adventurer will have that quest marked as failed on their guild card statistics.
    3. The adventurer will lose the deposit for the quest (tentative)
  4. Miscellaneous
    1. There will be a flat payment or percentage of the reward paid to the guild to post a request.
    2. Quests of each category and type will have a minimum reward needed to be posted.
    3. Quests will generally have minimum requirements like being of a certain adventuring or specialist rank
    4. A deposit is required to accept quests to prevent people from taking on too many at once (Tentative)
    5. Adventuring is best done in parties!


  1. Currency Storage
    1. Customers will be able to bank their gold in the adventurer guild’s secure vault
      1. Customers will be able to redeem their gold at any other affiliated adventurer guild. (2nd Phase)
  2. Item Storage (2nd Phase)
    1. Customers will be able to bank their items


  1. Adventurers/Crafters will have the option to be sponsored by the guild which comes with a few more perks compared to regular adventurers
    1. Sponsored adventurers will have a discount to all inhouse guild services
    2. Sponsored adventurers will have a priority in accepting formal and secret quests
    3. Sponsored adventurers will have some special guild mission requests to complete in exchange for these benefits


  1. Used Material Buyout
  2. Loans for equipment (2nd Phase)
  3. Buying local resources to support the town
  4. General store with adventurer specific items
  5. Hold an auction with the rarest of goods (3rd Phase)


  1. Redistribution
    1. Transport items and resources to the different adventurer’s guilds to ensure stock of materials for each guild is sufficient while making a profit selling extra items to the inhabitants of towns (2nd Phase?)
  2. News pamphlet
    1. Transport information packets to different towns. Spread the fame of the various organizations and individuals who won the best tournaments. Also sells spots on the news pamphlet to promote organizations (Perhaps issued as quests for merchants to take)



  1. Presidential leader
    1. In charge of setting the overall direction of the guild
  2. Division leader
    1. Security Section
      1. In charge of handling the security of guild property and enforcing the rules
    2. Transportation Section
      1. In charge of transportation of goods and information
    3. Merchandise Section
      1. In charge of handling the everyday transactions of the guild such as buying old equipment from adventurers or selling bulk items to merchants
    4. Specialist Section
      1. In charge of handling all the different inhouse crafters and handling the promotions of specialists in the rankings
    5. Administrative Section
      1. In charge of handling quest submission and confirmation of its completion with the adventurer and client

Ranking System

Overall Ranking

The guild will have a ranking system from D>C->B->A->S

  1. Each ranking will have a different set of requirements in order to advance to the next ranking which will involve the number of completed quests you have as well having a minimum combat ability for that level.
    1. There will be promotion quests available for individuals reaching a certain number for completed quests which will typically come as a test of some kind in a specially made dungeon or arena battle. Certain prerequisites such as guiding a newbie adventurer or having a certain number of each type of quest will be required for each rank.
    2. Promotion to C rank prerequisites
      1. Demonstrate a reliable number of quest completions done in a timely manner with a minimum difficulty of C rank.
    3. Promotion to B rank prerequisites
      1. Show the ability to teach new adventurers the ropes
      2. Be a journeyman in combat
    4. Promotion to A rank prerequisites
      1. Show the ability to adapt to any situation
      2. Be a master in combat and one supporting profession
    5. Promotion to S rank prerequisites
      1. Be a grandmaster in combat and one supporting profession

Speciality Ranking

  1. The guild will also have a different ranking system for those who are not aiming to be combat orientated or would like to have an additional skill set.
    1. Certain quests will have the requirement of having a certain ranking in a speciality. These will be the specialists who will be trained in various fields.
      1. Apprentice -> Journeyman – > Master -> Grandmaster. In order to upgrade in a speciality you must have the required skill level for the rank you wish to obtain.