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A representation of the Worldography Logo

Worldography Investigative

  • Founded in Evertide, Aranor on XX.XX.XXXX by GayKiwi.
  • Guild Formation on 1 April 2019.


As part of the Duchy of Everide the Worldography Investigative is a guild that sets up and maintains research and development projects relating to the natural wonders of the lands we use, the locations we transverse and the replenishable resources we are able to gather from it.

Worldography Investigative remains a tool of insight to Duchess Raindew Aèternà, providing the Kingdom of Aranor with information that can be demonstrated and reproduced on projects that are covered by our departments.

Worldography Investigative is setup to have several key areas of expertise. Cartography, Stellar Cartography, Flora Research, Fauna Research and Ecosystem Diversity. Each school of discipline is governed by individual Heads of Department, which is governed by the Worldography Investigative Guildmaster, overseen by the Duchess of Evertide. The guild has diplomatic connections with Aranor's Research and Education departments.

Based within the Duchy of Evertide (NA-W Angelica). The home of Aranor’s greatest wonders and challenges, invites you to a placement in Investigative Research.


  • Cartography - Map creation
    Having specialists within the eight disciplines of map creation. Structural, Settlement, Regional, County, Duchy, Kingdom, Continent and World.
  • Stellar Cartography - Stars and Celestial map creation
    Stellar Cartography is the supposed skill that lets us use stars and chart celestial events into the world around us.
  • Flora Research – Of or relating to Plants
    Research, understanding and breeding of plantlife forms. The Who, What, When, Where, Why and How Plant-life work in the ways they work.
  • Fauna Research – Of or relating to animal characteristics
    Obtaining information based on region, period, or special environment locations and the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How Animal-life work in the ways they work.
  • Ecosystem Diversity – Development of and supportive structures to Flora and Fauna resources
    Obtaining research and knowledge of other systems relating to flora and fauna. Such as bees, insects, bugs and soil compositions.

With such a large focus, we seek research builders, explorers and those looking for a purpose to try out with us at Worldography Investigative a NA-W Duchy of Evertide Guild.

Skill Tracking

At the time of writing, the skills are still untested by players and is subject to interpretation and errors. The following information has been gathered from varies sources.


How Mapmaking will be covered in-game

Section Information Gamepedia Maps.

Within the discipline of Cartography is eight schools of interest.

  • Structural
    it's the small scale used for mapping castles, ruins, dungeon, caverns, etc. Objects on this maps will typically show the location of different rooms, hallways, items, traps or anything found in this areas, even creatures but this could move so it might not be accurate.
  • Settlement
    this will be used for the layout of villages and towns, showing building, farms, location of crafting resources, etc.
  • Regional
    larger than settlement maps and more detailed than a county map. In general this maps are used by Explorers and Gatherers to communicate information about resources in the wild.
  • County
    this is roughly the size of an average county. It will show settlement landmarks like the location of hamlets, villages, and towns or geographical landmarks as rivers, lakes, forests and trade routes, or even large resource locations like an established mine.
  • Duchy
    these maps will probably be the least common of the maps, and will show the county borders and positions of large geographical structures such as mountains, valleys, massive lakes, etc. They will also show towns and cities and the most important areas for resource gather, as well as trade routes between counties.
  • Kingdom
    this will show the boundaries of the duchies, the major cities, and the principal trade routes between them. Together with continent maps, they are used to track diplomatic boundaries.
  • Continent
    this kind of map will show the borders of the kingdoms on a continent.
  • World
    mostly decorative items, used only to express the scope of the known world.

The guild doesn't establish hierarchy within each discipline of Cartography, however may require members with different skill levels to preform different tasks at the request of the guild itself, the duchy of Evertide or the Kingdomn of Aranor.

Naming Process

The process of naming locations is based upon who finds its; then names it, and the number of people using that name. We ask our members to use a process of both respect to the finder, that upholds Evertide and Aranor in its naming convention, and that members comply with any name changes deemed necessary by oversight.

Additional Skills

These are other skills that link to what we consider Cartography

  • Architecture and Surveying (as it relates to placing building or locations)
  • Water Finding
  • Document Replication
  • Paper Making
  • Prospecting (not a listed skill), Mineral Cutting (as it relates to finding what resources could be found in a location)
  • Alchemy, Cooking, Survival Skills, Range and Melee Combat Skills (To support life out in the field)

Stellar Cartography

Stellar Cartography is an aspect of research that may not have game mechanic support. As such, we define this as a basis of using stars and celestial events to map and increase our knowledge of our surroundings.

We can expect this area of knowledge to be useful in Survival Skills that lets a person establish location based on stars positions. Used in traveling seas, and timing of the seasons.

We expect that stars could be named, and will use the same Naming Process mentioned under Cartography.

Flora Research

We need to gather, research and understand our Flora lifeforms. Flora being the nature of plant life, and understanding of how we can help it, while also helping ourselves for the resources they may provide.

Where plants grow and the reasons for it. How plants can be transplanted to other locations. How plants my be crossbreed to better preform tasks we require of it. How to support the betterment of the plant lifeform.

If users are allowed to name Flora samples, we will use the naming conventions defined in Cartography.

Fauna Research

Gathering examples of where animal lifeforms can be located, understanding why they thrive in these locations, how to tame, domesticate or utilise these lifeforms and how to support their life for uses we are yet to discover.

How animals create life, where they produce this life, in what forms this life is created. How to support the lifecycle of the lifeform in question. How to sustainably use the lifeform for projects other than intended. How to breed and crossbreed the lifeform to create other life that can be utilised.

If users are allowed to name Fauna samples, we will use the naming conventions defined in Cartography.

Ecosystem Diversity

Ecosystem Diversity is another aspect of research that may not be covered by in game mechanics and support.

Ecosystems could include such things as Bees pollinating Flora for the purposes of crossbreeding. Insects providing food sources for Fauna life. Soil types and conditions to support both Flora and Fauna life. As well as biomes and seasonal changes that can be observed.

Mineral, Flora, Fauna Classifications

Filed under the prefix "WICT_" (Worldography Investigative Classification Test) Gay He Tàngåtá (talk) offers a suggestion of classification of Minerals, Flora and Fauna in one infobox.