ThroGhal Fishery

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Organization Goals

To bring all levels of fishermen from all over and let them fish in the fishing guild and partake in contests. The guild will keep the fish they caught and use it as food for the duchy/county/villages. Also provide the best equipment the fishermen use to keep their skills growing.


The main guildhall for the fishing guild will have towns guards stationed outside of it casually. then there will be a fence from the guildhall to the main fishing docks for the fishing guild members.


Transportation from the guild to the work area is all connected so the members do not have to worry. When the fish is getting transported to all markets and the duchy capital Thro’ghal county will provide security with guards.


The fishing guild will provide the kingdom with the fish they need to eat. The County of Thro’ghal will be funding the guild as they plan to be within the county’s limits. The contests will be as who caught the biggest fish, or who has caught the most fish. The building of the guildhall and the docks for the fishermen will be done by the County of Thro’ghal and the early members for the fishing guild.