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Thro’Ghal County is ran by a wealthy family known as the Morovigs. House Morovig is known to have started by Tristov, who started off as a ward from Baron of Eri’View. Tristov eventually executed the Baron of Eri’View in front of the Towns people and gained control over the Estate. This is where the History of Thro’Ghal County starts to be recorded. Within Thro’Ghal County there are some villages, but the most important is Eri’View as that is the Capital of the County.

Thro’Ghal as a County places a lot of focus on Construction and Fishing. Faster travels will create more money, and better structures make better people.

Eri’View the capital of Thro’Ghal is a town on the water shore, which has been building towards getting massive docks built so that the fisherman guild can expand their guild.

The Military of Thro’Ghal believes to be well trained. The Training center for the Thro’Ghal military is not in the Capital. It is in the Village of “_____” where they train them to be who they are.