The Citadel

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The Citadel

The Citadel is a university located in the capital of the county of Coventry. Coventry has a heavy knowledge and education focus, and this university will act as an extension of the Count’s government as well as providing education to all those in the county. The Citadel will have direct support and funding from the county to execute these functions. In reality The Citadel has been designed to be much more than just an institution of learning, it is the apparatus that will run a scholar state. This organization holds as its mission to collect and defend knowledge and to pursue it in all areas. The Citadel sees knowledge as a tool to use against evil, and its members as defenders against it.

There are a wide scope of missions that The Citadel is committed to in its centralized role in the county. Beyond working with the Count to carry out functions of government, it works to educate the members of the county, assist its members with research projects, maintain records and educational materials, explore the world and its history, and develop an order of elite warriors and defenders focused on mastering the fighting arts. This broad scope calls for different branches to handle each goal.


The Citadel has four major branches that handle different functions. Members may be part of multiple branches, which exist mostly for organizational purposes.

The Collegium

This is the educational academy which focuses on teaching crafting trades. This branch will look to partner with guilds to cooperate with teaching skills to guild members and the public and providing a place for guilds and potential new recruits to find each other. This presents a good opportunity for guilds to gain education in areas outside their specialty to help them discover new techniques and items to craft or to prepare for research projects. This branch will also look to send out teachers to communities in the county to teach basic skills to those in need so that all in the county have access to opportunity. These teachers would have compensation from community leaders for providing the service unless subsidized directly by the county.

The Lycaeum

This serves to organize those who want to engage in research projects under the university. There will be a designated area for these activities with needed materials. By pulling together researchers from different disciplines it may be possible to find insights into areas that may otherwise be overlooked.

The Athenaeum

This is the library branch. Records and learning materials will be held here and may also serve as the location of offices of government. This shall also be the center for teaching of scribes and other knowledge skills and can serve as a meeting place for those working on histories or current events in the world. The drafting of laws and filling of contracts is also likely to occur here. In some cases documents may be sent out by courier from here to other parts of the county.

The Arcanum

This branch is focused on natural history. This mostly consists of surveying and exploring lands and the production of maps and charts. Skills focusing on survival, navigation, and earth sciences would be the focus of education in this branch. Members of this branch may also help with guiding groups through the countryside and even leading expeditions to explore archeological sites or other locations of interest. This branch is also concerned with The Citadel’s mission of protecting Elyria from the evils of the past and will work to locate and protect ancient artefacts and information before they can be misused. Members of this branch may work with the Mage’s Guild of Aranor to carry out these missions.

The Knights Scholar

This branch is an order of knights dedicated to the perfection of the fighting arts and defense of the county and Citadel, however they may go to other parts of the kingdom or beyond to assist in other missions or gain fighting experience. These fighters have support from the county in their endeavors and may carry out missions given by the Count directly. More details can be found in its own posting.

Those interested in these areas or in county management positions can contact Count Buche von Zoidberg in the Aranor discord directly.

Public Organizations

Other planned public organizations connected to The Citadel include:

• County Information Center: A place for new arrivals to learn about the county and its organizations

• Certification and Appraisal Center: The school will be able to certify that crafters meet a certain level of competence in knowledge and be issued recognition that will promote public trust in them. Goods can also be appraised for quality. Fees will likely apply.

• Adventurer’s Guild: This is more of a tavern where these types can gather to visit and sell or exchange maps to The Citadel. They may also find jobs here to verify charts, lead groups on journeys, or meet to organize their own groups.

• Hiring Board: A simple spot in the city center where jobs and contracts of all types can be posted and taken by those interested.