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In ages long past our world was chaotic. The capricious ancients’ plots engulfed the world in fire and darkness before rending it asunder. Though our separation from the ancients has given us a reprieve from their madness, the time will come when their fire and darkness will return, for we know they exist amongst the treacherous stars watching and waiting.

When that day of doom comes the unprepared will perish. Our world has need of those with the will to rise up with sword and shield in hand and say with a roar “NO!” to the gathering darkness. It is these exceptional individuals that are called upon to serve as champions of Elyria as members of the Order of the Knights Scholar.


Why scholar knights? There are many reasons, it is true that strength and steel is needed to fight and protect, but for the grave threats of the arcane this is not enough. The Knights Scholar dedicate their lives to the study and perfection of the fighting arts and to the discovery and defense of the secrets of the arcane that they may be turned against the very evils that would use them to destroy, and that they may be kept from the despicable souls that would use them against their fellow Elyrians. In the direst of circumstances these brave selfless knights may even be asked to make the ultimate sacrifice and risk tainting their own souls with the power of the arcane that they may lead the vanguard and clear the way for all others to follow using sorcery as well as steel.

This organization was created after an ancestral count of the county of Coventry in the kingdom of Aranor delved into arcane study too deeply which resulted in the deaths of all but a few of the house, leading to its near extinguishment. At that time the Count saw a vision of the coming apocalypse. The Knights Scholar take this threat seriously and truly believe it is their mission to prevent the extinction of all Elyrians, and to protect the knowledge needed to do so.

The Knights Scholar are among the most respected and highest ranking members of the county and of the Citadel which acts simultaneously as a university and fortress. Often they carry the direct authority of the Count when dealing with local matters and work with other groups of the Citadel to secure and spread the light of knowledge and innovation that Elyria might strengthen itself against future threats. So that this order may perform its duties to its utmost, the Count has pledged to provide for their basic needs as well as quality gear and mounts. Any training they may need will be made available from the instructors from the Citadel’s Collegium as well as from the Knights Scholar’s own masters, and they shall have the advantage of access to any technology the Citadel and the Count can make available to assist them in their endeavor. All this is provided in return for loyalty and dedication to their sacred mission.


The Mage’s Guild of Aranor is an ally of the Order in the mission to understand the arcane and prevent its misuse. It has been agreed that the Knights Scholar will protect and assist the Guild’s members in this mission, but will stop at nothing to hunt down and neutralize those who decide to turn against Elyria and Aranor. Knights may find themselves traveling to far corners of Aranor and beyond with members of the Guild seeking out ancient knowledge and artifacts, or powerful enemies. Should the unthinkable happen and the ancients return, the Order will unite with the Guild, the full strength of Aranor, and all groups and kingdoms that answer the call, and will lead Elyria’s last stand. Until then the Order will track any lead that might prevent that day from happening.

While the Order seeks salvation for Elyria, it may also provide mercy. Those in other parts of Aranor or even other kingdoms that call out for assistance are encouraged to reach out to the Citadel and the Order. Wherever disasters or other dangers threaten Elyrians, the Order may be dispatched to show its commitment to standing together against threats.

In the constant quest for betterment, captains of the Order may lead their knights into foreign battles to hone their skills in combat and possibly earn compensation. It is customary in these instances for knights to take the side of the defenders, and if the battle is not being participated in by Aranor they are to act as mercenaries and must not use any crests or standards under the kingdom of Aranor. Knights are prohibited from fighting against Aranor in any battle.

To those who wish to stand strong and excel in battle through refinement and shared trial, to stand with others for something greater than yourself, for honor, knowledge, and benevolence, this call is to you Knight! To arms!