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COUNTY SYMBOL MEANING: The emblem of the Great House of Himmelschlesser, the sky watchers, presides with the symbolism of the heavens above. The Sun, the moon and the stars each represent a branch of the family. Dynn, lord of the morning, embodies the emboldened emblem of the sun. Hyler, lord of the dusk, bears the burden of the emblem of the moon. Finally, Thea, the family head and heiress, leads the land forward with the guidance of the north star.

GOALS OF COUNTY: Starfall aims to become a leading port city, with a strong focus on trade via sea routes. The county’s primary industries otherwise are to be shipbuilding, and celestial navigation will be ideally researched here. The lands around Darean will be dedicated to agriculture and animal husbandry. A strong militaristic tradition among the Himmelschlessers also prevails, as the county will have a well-trained militia and standing force, should the need ever arise…


HOW TO JOIN: Contact the countess or her vassals on the Aranor discord, you can group ping them with the tag @himmelschlesser.