Crimson Hallow

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Barony of Crimson Hallow
For The Queen!
Baroness: Nikki Aurion
Duchy: TBA
County: Starfall

Baroness Nikki Aurion aims to host a company of knights and embark on various crusades and quests to explore and identify all the wonders of the kingdom. In her absence, the barony is staffed by her faithful butler Dravolkin and her retainers.



Master blacksmith, she will be the blacksmith for the Barony of Crimson Hallows, making weapons and armor for the barony and their inhabitants on commission.


Lady Nikki’s butler and steward of the barony of the Crimson Hallows. He oversees the day-to-day workings of the town and keep while the baroness goes out on her duties as required by the queen and family.

The Crimson Hallow

The barony specializes in combat, serves as a training ground, and place of exhibition for, the knights of the land to come and test their might against one another. For fame, land, love or luxury, these noble knights may arrive at the Crimson Hallow and fight in the Hallowed Ground Arena.

The barony will reside deep within the mountain, in the county of Starfall, as serve as a haven for warriors of all metrics and merits. Here the finest may refine their skills under the watchful eyes of master bladesmen. The bravest and strongest of the trainees may even come out of the mountain again someday.