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GOALS OF THE COUNTY: The county of Citrullus aims to be the primary producer of linen, silks and other textiles in the nation. Weavers, tailors, cobblers and shepherds can all find a home in this county, as it will be nestled within the foothills of the mountain, providing optimal resources for harvesting and refining wool and cotton. In addition, the trade of textiles and clothing will also attract and necessitate a thriving merchant exchange. The shopping district of Citrullus will be a primary focus of the county’s earliest years as it grows to become a player in the regional, and eventually national, market. Architecture of this area will attempt to be kept uniform, with accordance to the guidelines set by Count Lanatus and his heirs, of whom preside lawfully over the land. The dominant religion is Faedin, but the secondary player-created religion of melonism is supported here earnestly, and a cathedral dedicated to it is one of the primary goals of its followers. The Count hopes to be near the Kypiq, as a fond follower of their culture.

LORE: The Lanatus family has held this land for time immortal, as guardians, each heir pledges his sword and soul to the lawful governance and defense of its denizens. Stubborn as the rocky soil that the laymen plow each spring, as unyielding to danger as the mountain itself, while pacifists in nature yet each of the lords of Citrullus can stand as a bastion in their own right in defense of their home.

HOW TO JOIN: You may find the Count under forum name Lanatus, or just send a forum message to him. We want all kinds of players, from harvesters to warriors, alchemists to scholars, you are welcome here.