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Organization Goals Security Analysis We work with a contractor to look over their security system from the standpoint of someone who’d attempt to bypass it and take notes on what worked and what didn’t so that they can be reviewed for revision of the security system.

Transportation Tied with Security Analysis on priority, this organization will become its own supply line, as well as a supply line for others in need. We plan on being able to make sure that we can move goods between various points safely and reliably.

Information This isn’t the highest priority of our little organization but it’s definitely a necessity to have established a network that’ll at least ensure we’ve an idea what’s going on in the world at any given moment.

Sensitive item aquisition If somebody has something dangerous that really they shouldn’t, we might send operatives in to go retrieve it. Can’t have just anyone stockpiling the more dangerous weapons of the world, now, can we?

Pawn shops Really not a priority but I kind of wanted to run a couple on the side, but can’t do it alone.

Organizational Rules You may be a very skilled security analyist. Please don’t misuse these skills.

• If we mention a client’s off limits for you, it’s because the client’s off limits for you. Don’t contract with them anyway. We said not to for a reason.

• Please, adhere to the law as best you can. We get that certain contracts might require what appear to be breaches in the law but if we say you’re cleared to do it, you are, provisionally. You’re still held to the law otherwise, remember this.

• Not so much a rule as a protocol: If you’re ordered to do something that comes in direct conflict with the rules, you’re allowed to call the order into question. In fact, you are encouraged to do so.

• If you’re ordered to do something that strikes you as wrong, you are allowed to object to the order on moral grounds. The rule here? Don’t abuse this. If you don’t have a legitimate reason to not follow an order, follow it.

• Client review. If you’re pretty sure that the client is asking you to do something that goes against organizational policy, note and report it so it can be looked into. This may cause a future invocation of rule.

Organization Locations I’m going to group these into where we might be located eventually but without a map to reference a couple of these may be inaccurate.

• Security analysis locations will likely be offices manned with people who’re looking for contracts to fulfill or who would like to request our services.

• As for transportation, we’re likely going to have supply points or even actual outposts along common routes where you can resupply or rest.

• For information, we’re likely going to have dedicated regional brokery branches in various areas, talk to your local office head for the nearest one and then go there if you’ve questions regarding any information we may have.

• Pawn shop locations where available.

Primary locations Likely to have a branch office in any major city, likely to be headquartered wherever we get our beginnings, among whoever’ll take us when we take our first beginning steps to starting off.